ccc-2 W E D D I N G S  

All Weddings have their special touches, whether in Winter, the Fall, Spring or Summer.
Our facilities can lend themselves to some great decorations.
Here are a few samples, to give you some idea of what can be accomplished.
Click on the pictures for enlargement.

room1_120   room2_120   room3_120

room1_120   room2_120   18_2011_hall_seating_cbs_120  

room3_120   ceiling1_120   ceiling2_120   20_2011_hall_ceiling_cbs_120  
decorations3_120   decorations1_80   decorations2_78   ceilingsdecor_80   lights_120

centrepiece1_120   14_2011_hall_ctrpc_cbs_120   centrepiece3_80   15_2011_hall_ctrpc_bs_80   centrepiece4_120

strawberries   chocolate_fountain   strawberries

Chocolate Fountain rental $25.00 - Fruit is extra.


headtable1_120   headtable_120   headtablearch-2_120

table-3_120   guestseating2_120   room4_80   21_2011_hall_seats_bs_120  

  seating1_120   seating2_80   17_2011_hall_guest_bs_80

gifts1_120   gifts2_120   gifttable_80

signings1_120   signings2_120   16_2011_hall_sign_bs_80   19_2011_hall_sign_bs_120



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